Mar 1, 2011

An alternative for your standard granulated sugar

I have found a good alternative to brown/white sugar, it's called Sucanant. Sucanant stands for Sugar Cane Natural. A genuine whole sugar. Organic Sucanat is simply dehydrated, freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.

I paid $37.98 for 12, 16oz bags. That's about $0.20 an ounce. 

So if you're looking for a regular sugar alternative, this may be a good choice for you. Although it is still sugar. So it's supposed to be eaten in moderation. 

I found a pretty good price on it at Amazon- Organic Fair trade Sucanant.

I was able to order this for completely free thanks to Swagbucks. To read more about swagbucks go here- What is swagbucks?

Want an idea on what to make with it first? 
How about Heavenly HomemakersVanilla muffins with cinnamon crumb topping

Happy baking! 

Feb 28, 2011

New and improved!!

Hello and welcome to Healthy Living! I'm very excited to be starting this blog. I want to write about ways to be healthy and frugal at the same time. There are ways to do it! I'm hoping to post ways to save money and live healthy. Also idea's on how to be healthier in general. 

I'll tell you a little about myself in this first post.

My name is June, I'm 26 years young, I'm into natural living and am getting more in tune with nature everyday.  I've been married to Jason for 8 years now. We have 4 wonderful children. Kianna is 8 and cares more about the environment the any 8 year old I've ever met! Kody is 6 and is into any sport you can imagine. Katalina is 3 and is a princess, she's a daddy's girl in every way. Kaden is 1 and, he is still showing us who he is, so far he is a strong, very loving, little boy. 

I hope that you will all enjoy reading my blog!

Jun 11, 2010

Awesome Kroger trip

2.49x2 Cascidian Farm cereal. (.49 each after coupons) Normally $4.99 each
1.49x2 nexcare bandaids (free after coupons) Normally $2.99 each
2.79x2 coconut milk (.79 each after coupons) Normally $3.59 each
2.89 Tropicana orange juice (.89 after coupon) Normally $2.93 each
4.79x3 skinny cow ice cream (2.79 after coupons) Normally $5.69 each!
4.99 coconut milk ice cream (2.99 after coupons) Normally $6.49 a pint
.88x4 sobe life water (1.76 after coupons) Normally $1.59 each
3.25 2lbs ground chuck (1.61 per pound) Normally 2.69 a pound
1.00x2 pineapples Normally 3.99 each

Total $21.94

Before coupons/sale total $67.44

So I saved $45.40 or 67%

I saved $22.74 just from clipping the coupons. Combining the coupons with sales makes for some awesome deals!

May 8, 2010

Swag bucks

I'm posting about today.

What are Swag Bucks?
-Swag Bucks are the web's premier digital dollar. Accumulate at your own pace and redeem them for exclusive prizes.

I have earned $165.00 in amazon gift cards since starting swagbucks.

You can turn your swag bucks in for many other things as well. Doesn't cost anything!

Use this instead of google or yahoo for your searches.

Skip using your book marks and just search it instead.

Click here to start earning swag bucks now!!

Apr 27, 2009

Cvs trip spent .20 cents

I felt up to going out. I didn't get much. But Still a great trip!

1.99x2 crest toothpaste
9.99 avina meter

-1.00x2 crest toothpaste coupons
-2.89 ecb
-4.00 ecb
-5.00 ecb

oop .20 cents!

Total saved 26.29 or 99%

I earned 9.99ecb for the meter and 2.00 for the crest toothpaste :)

And I'll be donating the meter since I'm not a diabetic :)

Apr 23, 2009

Not much posting

I haven't been posting much because I found out I am pregnant with my 4th baby! YAY!!

I have really just been to tired really to even shop. I let some of my ecbs expire, but the cashier was nice enough to push them through anyway :)

Posting will start coming again!

Thank you for all who follow me!

Apr 6, 2009

Kroger in Howell = Free shampoo :)

If you want to get free Herbal Essence you can at the Howell Kroger! It is part of the p&g buy 3 get 3 off. They are on sale for 2.99, so buy 3 at 8.97. Get 3 off at the register 5.97 total now and hand over 3 $1.00 q's that will double! They will be free! overage = .03